Sunday, March 18, 2018

Inspirational Sundays With Purpose Minded Expert Terryl Ebony

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Be A Producer With Terryl Eboy

Take Control: When you decide to take control of your life and your circumstances, you'll stop blaming everyone else for what you've allowed them to do to disrupt your peace in the first place. Accountability starts within. #IamAProducer #BuildingProducers

Target To Hit Your Goals: Niching down your target audience will be scary because you feel like you are leaving money on the table, but I guarantee you're not. The more you try to market to everyone the more you are alienating yourself from your true market.

Know Your Calling: Someone asked me recently why I haven't been the visionary behind an anthology. Simple answer: That's not my calling at this point in my life.

They asked, how come I haven't hosted a big conference. Simple answer: That's not my calling at this point in my life. Just because everyone else is doing stuff, doesn't mean you should.

Know who you are and whose you are; then, act the part. Not everything is for you my friend. I hate to break it to you. Sorry not sorry. #IamAProducer #BuildingProducers

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Terry Ebony Video On Dealing with Negative People

Start Over: Sometimes you have to start over in order to get it right.

Have A Spirit Of Abundance: Stop leading with a spirit of lack. Real CEOs have a spirit of abundance. Figure your stuff out. Payment doesn't always come in the form of dollars and cents. Think outside the box; intern, volunteer, barter, VA, etc. Figure it out and get it done! Come to the table with alternative ideas.  #IamAProducer #BuildingProducers

What You Can't Afford: Some of you are entering into a new season where you can't afford to continue playing small. You can't afford to continue having that same broke - employee whoa is me mindset. 

You can't afford to continue minimizing your greatness. You can't afford to keep going before the Lord using the insanity plea thinking he's going to grant you the abundance that has your name on it. You have got to get up and take PRODUCTIVE ACTION STEPS 

Are You Showing Up To Win? EVERYDAY. Too many of y'all are running a snails race but want Usain Bolt's results. It doesn't work that way. Be honest with yourself, how are you showing up? #IamAProducer #BuildingProducers #Productivity #CEOMindsetShift

Are You Down? When you know God is stretching you and you are down for the assignment. #IamAProducer #BuildingProducers

Give: Position yourself to give and then you will receive, but be honest and humble about it. #Intention and #Integrity is everything.

RISE: To get your next highest level, you must overcome your lowest level. It's time to RISE! #IamAProdcer #BuildingProducers

About Terryl Ebony - Terry Ebony, is a highly regarded and award winning activist, empowerment speaker, author, parent, entrepreneur, and leader in Southeast Queens. She is the Founder and Executive Director, of The Misunderstood Youth Development Center.

Ms. Ebony is also a highly sought after national speaker. She has also worked with numerous community organizations, issues, and causes.

You can reach her at her website or on Facebook. To order insightful and inspiring books by Terry Ebony: Click Here

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