Sunday, March 18, 2018

Black Entrepreneur Creates Smart Phone Driven Card Game

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 Toronto, ON  If you were told to "Play A Song About Your Ex", you could definitely think of more than a few songs to play that relate to your life experience. Did songs start flowing through your head? If so, you’re ready for AUXGOD.

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AUXGOD is the party game where teams battle against each other using music played from their smartphones in response to AUXGOD's playing cards.

"Now that everyone has a phone in their pocket, we have access to music on demand. AUXGOD gets your whole party together and let's everyone enjoy music with some friendly competition attached," explained Mike Rousseau, Creator of AUXGOD. "Your road trips, cottage weekends and gatherings have just gotten a lot more entertaining."

The Rules Are Simple

Players a split into three teams. The judging team will draw a card and read it out loud. The two remaining teams battle against each other in finding the best song that relates to the card. Each team takes turns playing their song for the judges. The goal is to impress the judges with your song selection and to play a better song than the opposing team. That radio hit that everyone loves won't always win.

"The best part is the game creates conversation, a bit of arguing and a lot of dancing. Sometimes people can't believe their song didn't win. When you're appealing to the judges anything can happen. You might have a great song, but if it doesn’t hit them in their hearts you won’t win the round."

AUXGOD is designed for you to play today’s hits and reconnect with yesterday's classics. There are four card categories: Life, Era, Artists and Labels which will allow teams to enjoy music from the 80’s to the present.

"Everyone who plays AUXGOD is hooked immediately. As soon as you read the cards your brain starts turning, you’re thinking about all the songs you can play. That's the beauty of the game, there are unlimited song options."

AUXGOD is currently creating games for other genres of music, Pop, Rock and Country to be available in the future.

Company Background

AUXGOD established in 2016 is created by Mike Rousseau, a former financial business analyst who quit his full time job after 7 years and decided to go the creative route. He comments, "I was a photographer on weekends while I was working in finance during the week. One day I decided I was finished. I took a crazy leap and decided creating was where I needed to be...not crunching numbers."

Six months after quitting his job he was at a party playing music on a Bluetooth speaker, a friend asked him to go heads up and play songs back and forth which seemed like a battle. "We split ourselves into two teams and played for an hour. I went home that night and kept thinking about all the songs our team could have played." The next morning, he woke up and started writing questions for AUXGOD.

For more details about the game, visit or follow the game on social media:

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