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See How This Young Author Inspires Others To Reach Their Dreams

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Oakland, CA Author, youth activist, and dream go-getter, Tony Shavers III continues to be a defining voice in finding success within identity. 

His spirit, inspiration, and life experience has led him on a journey of self-discovery where time and time again he has practiced his passion and gift in life - helping others. And with the release of his newly published book Is Your Dream Really Worth It? Discover Your Passion, Purpose, and Plan, he shares the same chance at success with the world.


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Is Your Dream Really Worth It? takes readers on a path of self-exploration to investigate what they're passionate about, how this passion can be built into their character and everyday life, and finally helps them unlock their infinite potential.

It’s a compelling book of self-realization through an inspired and motivating voice. It's a work that locates the reader’s true identity, reveals it, and then gives them the confidence to take it to where it is needed in their community.

"You have a gift that others are waiting to hear. Find it. Define it. Understand it," says Tony.

Tony is a 25-year old Oakland native that has always been engaged in delivering aid in any way he can to those in need of additional support. From a young age, Tony has had a gift in making a real difference in people's lives. His power comes from being a voice for those who have none. He found that he had real power in what he said and did and knew he needed to share it with the world.

Tony's good works and achievements continue to prove that when one puts their mind to something, they can do anything.

In 2015, Tony received the Community Justice Award from Community Works West for his exceptional dedication to support children of incarcerated parents, as well as for his continued commitment to make higher education accessible to youth everywhere.

As the founder of The Shavers Family Foundation, he has garnered a means to award scholarships to deserving high school seniors taking the initiative to reach higher and do better through a college education. These great works are a testament to where he started to where he is today.

Tony didn't want to write just another self-help book. He wanted to create an experience that would compel readers to finally take action in their lives.

There are no life hacks that will help you achieve your dreams. It's all about taking the first step and taking real action and responsibility toward your future.

And that’s why Is Your Dream Really Worth It? is the companion you need to start your journey.

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See Tony Shavers ||| Advocate For Incarcerated Children

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