Sunday, October 29, 2017

The Buy Black Movement

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 Nationwide ( -- A global initiative called the Buy Black Movement ( has built a worldwide platform that easily enables Black consumers to do business with Black-owned businesses.

Business owners who manufacture their own quality products or services can send their inventory to the Buy Black Movement and the company will:

* Photograph the inventory and put it on their online store.

* Market business owners products to Black business networks worldwide.

* Take orders and other time saving services that Black business owners normally do.

The Buy Black Movement was founded by longtime entrepreneurs, Delxino and Deborah de Briano Wilson, who are on a mission to create lasting unity and to build strong Black communities nationwide.

Raven L. Mahdee, an independent marketer with Buy Black Movement, comments, "The ultimate goal is to help Black businesses be seen and become financially healthy always, to destroy the notion that Black people wont support Black businesses, to keep the money circulating with Black people, to help build and unite Black communities, and to create jobs for people in Black communities.

In just a little more than a year's time, the movement has enabled more than 63,000 Black customers to buy more than 106,000 quality products and services from Black owned companies.

"Even more, Black consumers are opening their free memberships with the Buy Black Movement on a daily basis and they are really excited about the quality of the products, customer service, feeling part of helping Black people rise, keeping their money within the Black race but most of all feeling appreciated and respected," said Mahdee.

Black consumers are really motivated to support the company because young Black entrepreneurs who have legitimate companies are able to get their name, products and services marketed to the world making them household names for future endeavors they might bring to the market place.

The business model has attracted all types of Black people - professionals, blue collar, stay home moms and even teenagers. The wide demographic is taking interest because of how potent the results are.

For Black business owners looking to take their products worldwide, the Buy Black Movement is the perfect vehicle to take their companies to the next level.

For more information and/or to sign up free for the Buy Black Movement, go to

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