Saturday, October 14, 2017

Black Views Matter!

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Little Rock, AR - CWR Media Group announced today the official launch of The CWR Network with two days of prime time programming to introduce all of their programs on Monday, October 16th and Tuesday, October 17th from 6:00 PM CT to 8:00 PM CT. Live and on-demand programming for the Internet talk radio network will be featured on BlogTalkRadio which currently receives 24 million listens per month, and on Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes).

The CWR Network has positioned itself as the causes, issues and life-dynamics network. But, just what is the causes, issues, and life-dynamics network? According to CEO and founder Donell Edwards, " is a network that focuses on many of the causes and issues that affect people of color that receive little attention from mainstream network television, cable television, and major newspapers and magazines, such as the intensifying racial tension in America, the killing of unarmed black males by police, the inequities in public schools, generational poverty and financial literacy, the proliferation of gun violence, and health and wellness issues, just to name a few."


Edwards says, "Although The CWR Network directly addresses issues affecting people of color, it is for anyone interested in changing the status quo, and learning how to affect those changes."

Edwards acknowledged that famous radio personalities Tom Joyner and Michael Baisden, and outstanding journalists Tavis Smiley, Roland Martin, and Shaun King have been at the forefront of using their platforms to address these issues for years, but felt it was time for a network devoted to focusing attention on these issues.

The CWR Network has plans for special programs like the live virtual town hall meeting that was featured on the network's program, Donell Edwards: Viewpoints in June, The Crisis In America's Schools.

The program featured a panel consisting of author, economist, and political commentator, Dr. Julianne Malveaux; noted educational consultant and best-selling author, Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu; past President of the National Alliance of Black School Educators, school board member, and former superintendent and principal, Dr. Deborah Hunter-Harvill; former U.S. Department of Education Assistant Secretary of Communications, Mr. Peter Cunningham; and author, motivational speaker, and former tenured Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum for the Port Washington, New York School District, Dr. Emma Fraser Pendleton. That program provided listeners with information and recommendations about the causes and solutions to the problems in our public schools, from some of the great minds in education today.

The CWR Network has plans for more live virtual town hall meetings to bring to the table stakeholders, proponents and opponents to further the discussion about The Crisis In Many of America's Schools, an inclusive conversation about How the Diverse Racial Groups In America Can Work Together To Achieve Racial Harmony, What To Do About Gun Violence: Is Stricter Gun Control Really the Answer?, Preventing Police Officers From Killing Unarmed Black Males and Others, and How To Stop Domestic Violence Against Women.

In addition to The CWR Network's town hall series and featuring programs about social issues, the network also has programs focus on lifestyle or life-dynamics that include a show about relationships, one about world travel, a show about career planning and success, and a show about millennials and millennial life.

The CWR Network is still looking for hosts for other programs to complete its lineup of shows, and there will be announcements about these shows once the hosts for those programs are selected.

Edwards has issued a challenge to hosts on The CWR Network to achieve a listenership of one million listeners faster than any network on the Internet. #OneMillionStrong.

The current line-up includes:

* Donell Edwards: Viewpoints with host Donell Edwards, which focuses on social justice and features nationally known guests like Dr. George Fraser, Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu, and Dr. Julianne Malveaux.

* The Lionel SHIPman $hape Your Finances Show with host Lionel Shipman informs and educates listeners about personal finance and money management, as well as life empowerment.

* Breaking Our Silence with host Lupe Moreno discusses the effects of domestic violence on victims, children, and families, and features survivors and other guests sharing their stories.

* The Real in Relationships with host Carole Gilmore, who is a licensed professional counselor and therapist, helps listeners deal successfully with marriage, family, and personal relationships.

* Wild & Free: The Conscious Traveler's Dream with host Shandale Smith helps listeners learn how practically anyone can enjoy the experience of world travel, and the many benefits derived from traveling the world.

* The Journey with host Dr. Monica Y. Jackson, Ph.D. helps listeners how to eat and live healthier and focuses on next level living in food choices, faith building and future development.

* Success Coaching With Felicia Signing Off with host Felicia Johnson, CTACC, who is a certified life/career leadership coach is for listeners seeking focus, strategy, perspective, and motivation for their professional and personal lives.

* The Millennials, featuring a host team comprised of millennials, will premier exclusively on The CWR Network in November. So much has been written and said about millennials that we wanted to give this group, which currently makes up the largest share of the U.S. population, their own platform to share their views.

For more information and a schedule of upcoming programs, visit The CWR Network website at

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