Saturday, June 10, 2017

Acclaimed Multi-Talented Southeast Queens Artist Paints A Beautiful View For Business

Like many of our neighbors of Caribbean heritage Audley Geo Smith, is a resourceful and resilient person with global sophistication.  Smith has come a long way from his roots in the Caribbean and later stints in England to set up an eclectic art gallery/studio business on Linden Blvd, in St. Albans.  St. Albans, Queens, New York, has always been a community of strivers, celebrities, sports stars, activists, and successful business moguls for decades.

James Brown, Joe Louis, Count Basie, WEB DuBois, John Coltrane, Daymond Johns, Ella Fitzgerald, Richard Parsons, are just a small slice of the exceptional luminaries from the area.  Audley, is another highly gifted resident of Southeast Queens.  He is an unique renaissance man in the true sense of the word - and a great resource for the community. Mr. Smith is an expert photographer, fine artist, painting instructor, framer, and community leader/activist for those in the arts in the area.  He showcases many of his skill sets and aplomb in his recent gallery opening of Geo's Art Expression, at 194-09 Linden Blvd, St. Albans, 11412.

Mr. Smith was born in Manchester, Jamaica, but also has lived in England, and France, which accentuated his art knowledge and skills.  He once owned an art gallery in Jamaica and was looking to start a gallery again in his life.  As you can imagine it was a quite a difference in living abroad and the United States.  
Audley "Geo" Smith

However, once settled in Audley, has long been involved with advocating for the arts in Southeast Queens, New York City.  He has been President of The Alliance of Queens Artists.  He is an expert photographer who has also been involved in the Southeast Queens Camera Club.

Moreover, Mr. Smith, is an extraordinary award winning painter, who has merged his photography skills together with his art in a beautiful synergy.  The result is him creating some truly awe inspiring art that he offers for sale at his gallery in Southeast, Queens along with the creative works of other artists.

Furthermore, he offers exquisite framing and even hosts effective fun and instructional "Sip and Paint" painting lessons some Sundays during the month.  He does wedding and special occasion photography, custom framing, photo shoots, and parties.  You can see more of his art and services by visiting his website at or give him a call at 718-276-6215.     

Geo's Art Expression is a great resource for original fine art

Geo's Art Gallery Showings Feature Some Dazzling Art

Geo's Art Expression has a wide selection of art

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