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Get The Scoop On Why The Southeast Queens Scoop And Sister Publications Are Recommitting Themselves To Stop Trump And MAGA During Juneteenth

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"The Southeast Queens Scoop
and Our Affiliated News Blogs
Recommits To Helping Stop
Existential Threats Like
Trump And MAGA"

By Kamau Austin, Publisher Of The Southeast Queens Scoop, Juneteenth 6-19-2024

Today The Southeast Queens Scoop passed over 1.5 million visits.
  Collectively our flagship site and sister publications have surpassed well over 2.6 million.

However we take most pride in showcasing the positive contributions of over 4,100 Black businesses, community organizations, and cultural institutions.  And also getting 6 million views for our clients on search engines.

While we enjoy doing stories to spotlight the positive things in our community we also see a very forbidding future that threatens the survival of our people and really the world at large.  We see the rise of extreme right wing conservative forces looking to marginalize the gains and possible forward mobility of Black people.

We see Donald Trump and MAGA republications as the movement and destructive force threatening our existence as we know it.  However, Trump and MAGA are trying to spread propaganda to pretend to be interested helping the Black community.  But not on our watch!!! 

Article On Juneteenth and The Southeast Queens Scoop's Recommitment to Stop Systemic Racism and MAGA Continues After Sponsor's Messages Below...

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Article On Juneteenth and the
Southeast Queens Scoop's Recommitment to Stop Systemic Racism and
MAGA Continues Below...
Juneteenth Photo: Martha Yates Jones (left) and Pinkie Yates (right), daughters of Rev. Jack Yates, in a decorated carriage parked in front of the Antioch Baptist Church located in Houston's Fourth Ward, 1908 
While the Trump Admin is making aggressive overtures to court the Black vote the actions of the followers of Trump's MAGA wing of the GOP is very telling. Actions of course speak louder than words. For instance, Trump's Supreme Court picks got rid of affirmative action in higher education. Nevertheless, if you're willing to get shot at and risk your life in the military then affirmative action is still allowed.

The people financing and supporting Trump are suing Black organizations and getting injunctions for giving business loans to black businesses. When Blacks, especially Black women, get less than 1% of the financing from angel investors, venture capitalists, or the capital markets. For instance there has only been one (1) Black business listed on the NYSE in over 230-years. Furthermore, it is very telling that there has only been 8 Black businesses listed on all the stock exchanges of over 6,000 companies. These numbers starkly illustrate systemic racism in the capital markets.

So ironically, if Blacks band together collectively to give each other grants or loans, especially given the deep disparities with us getting access to capital, these programs can be stopped legally because when in office then President Donald Trump, installed extremely conservative Supreme Court Justices. This legislation is being pushed by conservative Edward Blum and it should be noted Trump backed his work on gutting Affirmative Action in College Admissions.  You can learn about his work in getting cease and desist type injunctions against a grant organization for Black women entrepreneurs called the Fearless Fund.

Conversely, I have yet to see any Republican Party or MAGA leader support reparations. In fact the conservative legal group Judicial Watch is bringing legal action against the suburb outside Chicago, Illinois, of Evanston. Evanston, Illinois is the 1st area in the US to pass reparations and start to distribute payments.  It is being challenged by the Judicial Watch organization.
Also it is obvious that the legal operatives of Trump and MAGA have been weaponized to attack Black prosecutors especially Black women. We've all seen the muck dragging attacks against Atlanta DA Fani Willis to destroy her character. And we've seen how former Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby, was legally attacked and almost sent to prison for up to 40-years because of basically looking to give herself a real estate loan from her own investment funds. Blacks are under attack on many fronts.

Republican leader and Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis, is working to cancel ugly elements in teaching Black history unless it says stupid things like Black people benefitted by learning trades under slavery. MAGA has pretty taken over the GOP or Republican party and is actively attacking teaching the horrors of Black slavery in the US and labeling it and other historic critiques "woke."

Furthermore, Trump, MAGA, and the GOP is attacking voting rights all across the US. They fail to want investigations into fair elections and voting rights addressed by the federal government. You can learn more about this here.

They want to cut back on Obamacare or ACA when record numbers of Black people have health care because of it. This is especially necessary when COVID, the Flu, and overall health outcomes are worst for Black people - we need medical coverage. They want to cut back on social security when people have been paying into it all their lives. What the GOP is offering Black people isn't even close to Biden/Harris. For instance Trump claims he's made historic contributions to Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). However, the Biden Harris campaign have given over a record $16.1 Billion to HBCUs not to mention student debt relief increased under their administration.

I could go on about the differences between Biden and Trump. But you get my point.

Neither party is perfect but Trump and MAGA are run by a wanna be dictator and too many white supremacists. Also the Supreme Court has been weaponized against Black people in favor of the policies by the former President Donald Trump. Trump's VP Pence won't even endorse him so why should Black people? At least with the Democrats we see increasingly progressive young leaders like The Squad, who are seriously addressing issues of police brutality, structural racism, and working class uplift. They can be worked with over time to make the party more responsive to our needs. No such thing on the other side with the GOP. The most important thing we have to consider is not only Trump's dictator type characteristics illustrated in the January 6th Insurrection, but just as scary are his supporters and potential Supreme Court and Federal Judge picks if he becomes President again. It would set Blacks back 100-years and take 200 years to catch up again - if we ever could! Since contrasting policies like reparations, affirmative action, DEI, and also on the other end Black self help business financing like the Fearless Fund - are all under increasing attacks, if Trump is elected again, it could be a wrap on Black progress for many decades to come. Juneteenth inspires us to seek maybe what is a delayed - but ultimately assured social freedom if we work together.

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