Thursday, April 16, 2020

See Why Pastor Conrad Bennette Tillard Feels We Should Hold Joe Biden Accountable As Bernie Sanders Exits The Primaries

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As Bernie Sanders Exits The President Primaries Brooklyn Pastor Conrad Bennette Tillard Gives A Critical Update On Holding Joe Biden Accountable
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Critical Update! By Pastor Conrad Bennette Tillard

To all my friends who support Biden, I just want you to consider a number of things.

1. Biden is now our only candidate left. Thus he is, baring any unforeseen circumstances, our (Democrat) Standard Bearer. I get that, in all likelihood I will vote for him and encourage others to.

2. I do not do politics emotionally, I haven't since 1984. I do not believe in politicians, I believe in God.

That being said I can make a choice between two wholly unimpressive candidates. But it's not me, a triple prime voter( I always vote) that we need to be concerned about.

It is the casual observers, the masses, the youth, etc. that have to be fired up. Biden now has to do that. I'm sorry but the arguments that many Biden enthusiast are making are not going to cut it.

He has to give people a reason to vote for him - and Trump is bad is not going to account for getting millions of voters out across 50 states.  Don't be an apologist for Biden, get in his cakes and make sure his campaign gives people a reason to vote for him - that only marginally has to do with Trump.  That is the only way he will close the enthusiasm gap, and get the numbers out that he needs.

Article On Pastor Conrad Bennette Tillard's Critical Update On Joe Biden With Bernie Sanders Exiting The Primaries Continues After Sponsor's Message Below...

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Article On Pastor Conrad Bennette Tillard's Critical Updates On Joe Biden With Bernie Sanders Exiting The Primaries Continues Below...

Long Time Activist And Pastor Conrad Bennette Tillard

3. I have been a keen observer of politics since 1984, so I've seen a lot. For example, what worries me about Biden's chance of success is that Democrats always loose when they pick the person "who's time it should be," according to pecking order or party seniority. LBJ was suppose to defeat a young JFK, in 1960 he didn't.

Ted Kennedy in 1976 was suppose to be the candidate, the new outsider, a peanut farmer from Plains, Georgia upset the status quo in the Bicentennial year, Both Bill Clinton in 1992 and Barack Obama 2008 were new, bold, imaginative Dems and they dispensed with the "party candidates" in their respective primaries and went on to win the presidency for Democrats. Maybe you remember the names Tom Harkin, Paul Tsongas, Jerry Brown, Bob Kerrey, and of course Hillary, all well known inside party players that looked like odds on favorites to win the nomination.

Again the unknown, new quantity always prevailed. Conversely every time since 1968 that the Democrats have run the "good guy" or "gal" that was slated to get the nomination, but did not inspire passion and enthusiasm, we have lost the Presidency.  Perhaps you remember Hubert Humphry, Fritz Mondale, Michael Dukakis, and Al Gore?

4. So Joe is going to have to go bold to win. We need transformative ideas, and something very new in order to make up the enthusiasm gap, and trust me as a Minister and activist since 1984, I've learned that negative motivation does not motivate.

So perhaps it is a candidate of color on the ticket, a women? Perhaps it is implementing some of Bernie's bold ideas that address the condition of the poor, working and middle class people in this country that don't want to just go back to America, the way it was prior to Trump.

5. So finally to my friends, you know me, don't try fear tactics, they wont work, don't try peer pressure, I could care less, and I always have a choice and it's never binary. I speak for a lot of other Dems that will be needed if Trump is to be defeated, and he can be defeated, but it can't be done by Biden and party hacks, or insiders, but the base of our party that career politicians like Biden have for far too long neglected.  We don't want blood from ole Joe, just a reason to vote for him, preferably one that doesn't start with Donald Trump is!

I'm sorry to all of the folks that are so overwhelmed with Trump fatigue, but I fear in being focused so narrowly on that objective and so quickly settling on Biden, this article may be prescient.

Rev. Conrad Bennette Tillard Sr. currently serves as the Senior Minister of The Flatbush -Tompkins Congregational Church in Brooklyn, New York. Rev. Tillard is the immediate past Senior Minister, of the Nazarene Congregational Church a 140-year-old United Church of Christ Congregation (UCC) in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn where he served from 2006 to 2016. Prior to that, he served as the Interim Senior Minister of the 185-year-old Eliot Congregational Church, UCC.

Rev. Tillard is a Baptist and Congregational minister, licensed and ordained at the historic Abyssinian Baptist Church of the City of New York. He is affiliated with the National Baptist Convention USA, Inc., The American Baptist Churches USA and has held dual standing with the Metropolitan Association of the United Church of Christ, New York Conference.

Rev. Tillard is always very active in his community, serving on boards and in organizations in the parishes that he has served. He preaches frequently in some of the leading church pulpits throughout the New York metropolitan area and the nation. He is also an Adjunct Professor at The City College of New York, in the Black Studies Department. He also host a radio program, Conversations with Conrad on WHCR 90.3 FM. He is also completing his memoir which chronicles his extraordinary journey to the Gospel ministry.

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