Tuesday, May 21, 2019

NYC Master Artist Introduces Exquisite Paintings To The World

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Brooklyn, NY (BlackNews.com) -- Exceptional Brooklyn, N.Y.-based artist, Abdul Badi is excited to introduce his delicate works of art - known as 'The Art of ABDUL BADI' - to the world's visual arts enthusiasts. Widely known in the U.S. for his vibrant, oversized portrayals of Third World people, particularly Africans, Badi uses his brush to make strong thought-provoking statements about his subjects and their conditions.

The gifted artist offers his stunning images in matte print and cards (dimensions 3×5 to 11×17 inch), as well as canvas giclee (dimensions 8×10 to 36×48 inch) - both stretched and unstretched. View numerous paintings at ArtofAbdulBadi.com.

Having participated frequently in fairs, festivals, and art shows and sold numerous pieces of his incomparable works all along the nation's East Coast and Chicago, Badi has garnered a strong following for his work. He is now looking to share his unique conceptions with the rest of the nation and the world.

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'The Art of ABDUL BADI' is an exceptionally fitting present for Father's Day, graduation, birthdays, and many additional gift-giving occasions.

What 'The Art of ABDUL BADI' purchasers are saying:
"Today I reframed and hung my three pieces. I must tell you; I fall in love with them over and over again each time I look at them. Thank you, Badi for creating such beautiful art experiences." -- S. Burgess

"Abdul, you are blessed. What a wonderful purpose in your art beauty, passion, soul, hope, vision, defying, and mystery." -- R. Bless
"This painting is so lifelike, even down to the shadows of her hair and jewelry. I love it!" -- P. McRae

The wildly passionate and highly-skilled artisan commented, "It is imperative that I feel something special and have a personal and emotional connection to relate to a concept before I place it on canvas. I identify with my subjects because it is personal for me." Badi continued, "What stood out most in my formative years was the absence of any person of color for me to look up to or with whom to have conversations on the subject. As my skills matured, I conversed both publicly and privately with adults on the subject and have held it as the spark or the embers that burn as my passion for sharing my gift and showing the world."

Sixty-five-year-old Abdul Badi, a Brooklyn, NY native, began drawing in elementary school. As a young student, Badi entered and won an art contest, which netted him free art classes at the Brooklyn Museum. He later went on to attend Manhattan's High School of Art and Design after which he worked as a draftsman and illustrator in the U.S. Marine Corps. Upon completion of his military service, Badi returned to school and completed a college art program in Mercy Dobbs Ferry, New York.

Over the years he has worked in the commercial art field and also taught art. The artist spent several years working as a pastel painter, but of late, works almost exclusively in oils.

PURCHASERS: If interested in originals, limited editions or wholesale acquisition, contact Badi by phone at 718-510-7635 or email theartofabdulbadi@gmail.com.

EDITORS: To book interviews or high-resolution images, contact Samuel Grantwriter at grantwritersam@hotmail.com

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