Thursday, May 23, 2019

Discover How The Nourish Spot Serves Up Divinely Inspired Healthy Food Portions In Southeast Queens NYC

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With Divine Inspiration Dawn Kelly's Nourish Spot Brings Healthy Food Choices To South Jamaica & Queens

Dawn Kelly, is making her mark in business history in South Jamaica.  She is continuing a legacy of innovative entrepreneurs in the area of Southeast Queens and Jamaica, NYC.  Her entrepreneurial prospects are looking very promising. 

Kelly follows in the footsteps of highly successful almost legendary business owners from the the area like Russell Simmons, 50 Cent, and Daymond Johns of FUBU and TV fame, Richard Parsons (former CEO of AOL/Time Warner), and Essence Owner and Co-founder of the billion dollar Sundial and Shea Moisture brands Richelieu Dennis.  She tells an engaging story of modest but noteworthy beginnings with a grand vision of the future of her business. 

The U.S. SBA's (Small Business Administration) New York District Office selected Dawn Kelly, owner of The Nourish Spot in Jamaica, as its "Microbusiness Person of the Year for 2019."  According to the SBA "a microbusiness is a company that’s been in business at least one year and employs fewer than five employees."
Kelly was selected as SBA’s Microbusiness Person of the Year, for her unique, innovative and creative health food store.  This is very impressive because a SBA representative for the area noted that there are over "1 million businesses in the region where Dawn was selected as Microbusiness Person of the Year."
It has been reported that "people discouraged Kelly from starting her company, fearing that the neighborhood would not support a health food business, but she followed her dream  and is proving that her creative leadership and unique idea can make the business a success."  Despite the fact her prospects for success were questionable to some Kelly is feeling divinely inspired to go forth with her vision.

Dawn Kelly also relies on very dedicated family members to help her reach her goals and develop a truly standout business.  She credits beginning the business with invaluable assistance from her "30 year old son Owen (he created the logo), and my 28 year old daughter Jade (she is a trained chef and created most of our menu selections)."

The Nourish Spot boasts a nutritious selection of natural fruit and vegetable juices, smoothies, salads, soups, sandwich wraps and more.  I was able to get Dawn to take a little time from her busy schedule and answer a few questions about her background and the future direction of her business.  Her interview follows below...

Dawn Kelly At Her Nourish Spot Location
Kamau:  Can you tell us a little about your background and life growing up in Southeast Queens?

Dawn: I was born in Harlem Hospital.  My parents moved to Astoria, Queens, in early 1960s.  We then moved from the Ravenswood Houses, to Cambria Heights, and I entered the 2nd grade at P.S. 147Q now Ronald McNair Elementary School.
My family, mother, father, young brother, sister and I then lived in Cambria Heights, until we moved to Laurelton, immediately before I entered Martin Van Buren High School. I played softball for Cambria Heights Sports Association, even playing on a championship team before going off to college.

I worked as a baby sitter and then as a cashier at, Consumers, the first grocery store on Merrick Blvd and the Belt Parkway.  Graduating with honors from high school at sixteen years young, off to Howard University I went.

Ridgewood Savings Bank on Merrick Blvd and Francis Lewis Boulevard gave me my first student loan. Every time I drive past that bank, I smile. They financially empowered me to go away to an HBCU.

Kamau: What inspired you to go into your present business in the South Jamaica?

Dawn: My role at Prudential Financial Inc. was eliminated and I wasn't ready to retire. After grieving my job loss, I received divine guidance and inspiration to create a juice bar and with God's help the idea and concept manifested. It was challenging to get the entire project completed but I am proud I was able to succeed.

Kamau: What are some of the menu choices you offer in your nourishing eatery?

Dawn: I offer smoothies, natural juice blends, greek yogurt parfaits, fruit cups, protein waffles, salads and sandwich wraps. In the winter, we offer soup and oatmeal.

We offer ginger, radish, turmeric and wheatgrass shots, whole fresh fruit, as well as fruit and nut bars. You can see a full menu for your review.

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Kamau: What is the uniqueness in your business in contrast to similar businesses in the area?

Dawn: There is actually no other business like The Nourish Spot Inc. in at least 3 miles, the closest brick and mortar establishments are the Energy Cafe (Sutphin Blvd) and Nature's Detox (Merrick), both located on Jamaica Avenue.

Kamau: Can you tell us about some of the challenges you've had in business and how did you overcome them?

Dawn: The biggest challenge is time and using it wisely.  The second challenge is staffing.  The third challenge is sourcing and staying on top of current opportunities and trends. How I manage these challenges is by making time for wellness and self care, carefully hiring and coaching staff and by engaging in networking and learning activities.

Kamau: How did you press beyond the negative perceptions or doubt I'm sure many people shared with you about opening a health food and natural juice spot in South Jamaica, Queens?

Dawn: My faith overpowered all doubts, including my own.  I knew that God would manifest his promises to me because I have been the recipient of blessings and miracles before. I wasn't going to quit. 

Kamau: What is the best way to contact you?

Dawn: People should contact me via  Also follow us on social media @thenourishspot because I truly engage my customers via FB and IG.

Furthermore, you don't have to live in South Jamaica and come to the Nourish Spot in person to enjoy our food.  You can also order from our menu in surrounding areas with food delivery services available through Postmates, Grubhub, Seamless, Doordash and Ubereats 

Kamau: Can you tell us about some of your goals and plans for the future of your business?

Dawn: Now that we have earned our certification as MWBE and WBE by NYC and NYS and also certification as a DBE and ACBDE by the Port Authority of New York and NJ, our hope is to expand the footprint and clientele of The Nourish Spot Inc.

We hope to establish new locations locally in condominiums and communities, fields, malls, stadiums and within airports globally.

Kamau: Dawn you certainly have a healthy vision and faith fit for success with the Nourish Spot.  It is definitely a purposeful one we hope you achieve with help from divine inspiration that has helped you so far.

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