Friday, April 27, 2018

Rep. Meeks Responds to White House’s Proposal to Raise Rent on Low-Income Americans

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US Congressman Gregory Meeks Sounds Off On The White House's Proposal To Increase Rent Of Low Income Americans

From The Office Of Congressmen Gregory Meeks

The Trump administration’s rental housing proposal has been enshrined in draft legislation released by Republican Rep. Dennis Ross of Florida.  The proposal repeals a legal protection authored by former Republican Senator Edward Brooke requiring that residents of federally supported housing not spend more than 30 percent of their income on rent and utilities.

Rep. Meeks Responds to White House’s Proposal to
Raise Rent on Low-Income Americans

Washington, DC – Congressman Gregory W. Meeks, a senior Member of the House Committee on Financial Services, issued the following statement in response to a proposal from President Donald Trump and Housing Secretary Ben Carson that would substantially increase rent on financially burdened families that receive housing assistance:

“Yesterday was an unfortunate one, especially for hard-working American families who are living paycheck to paycheck.  Under Trump’s heartless plan to raise rents, struggling families would lose money they could otherwise spend on groceries, school supplies, and other life essentials.

The proposal would create an administrative nightmare at HUD and restrict job-seekers from moving to areas where rents are already high.  Rather than encourage work in a changing economy, this proposal will stifle employment mobility and turn the federal government’s back on individuals who have yet to fully experience what we have long hailed as the American Dream of getting ahead. It’s deeply unnerving that this administration continually lines the pockets of the rich by stealing from the poor, but sadly, it is par for the course.” 

US Rep Greg Meeks Also Weighs In On Modernizing The Community Reinvestment Act After The Sponsor's Message Below...

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Meeks Responds to the Treasury Department Community Reinvestment Act Reform Recommendations
Washington, DC – Congressman Gregory W. Meeks, a senior member of the House Committee on Financial Services, released the following statement upon the Treasury Department’s release of recommendations on modernizing the Community Reinvestment Act’s regulations:
“I am encouraged by some of the Treasury’s recommendations to modernize CRA and its regulatory framework.  I have long called for measures to better align CRA with our evolving financial sector.  While the devil is always in the details, I conceptually support the Treasury Department’s recommendations to reform the way in which CRA assesses areas and to standardize examinations so that regulatory expectations are clear. Indeed, these are important steps forward.
“Nonetheless, there are aspects of the proposal that concern me. I have stated before that comprehensive fair lending and consumer compliance reviews should be non-negotiable elements of the CRA examination process.  As CRA was enacted to combat redlining – a fair lending failure – it would be antithetical to Congress’ intent not to fully consider a financial institution’s compliance with anti-discrimination laws, and other consumer protections, when determining whether that institution is truly serving their community well.    
“I look forward to eventually reviewing, and responding to, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency’s Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that will follow the Treasury’s recommendations."
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