Saturday, October 21, 2017

Russell Simmons, DMX, and Erica Ford Meditate With Southeast Queens Young People To End Violence

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By Dujon Ricks and Kamau Austin

Russell Simmons, DMX, Erica Ford With Queens Students at Anti-Violence Event

Hollis native and hip hop pioneer Russell Simmons, rapper DMX, and Erica Ford, who we call the Southeast Queens "Queen of Peace," visited a South Jamaica school Thursday to encourage teens to stay out of trouble — with the hip-hop entrepreneur kneeling down to meditate with hundreds of students as part of an anti-violence event.

The two celebs and the Peace Queen, met with about 800 local students ranging in age from 11 through 13 at Catherine and Count Basie Middle School 72 in Southeast Queens, where despite recent decrease in crime, gangs and illegal guns still mar the area.

Simmons no doubt was drawn to the event because he has a passion to spread the calming effects of meditation and peace globally.  However, being from Hollis, in Southeast Queens, he is highly aware of the benefits of teaching young people to handle beefs without violence.  He grew up in this challenging area in a tough era.

Ironically, Simmons is very socially involved in all types of nonprofit organizations and causes, but also focuses on meditation and inner peace as the ultimate source of happiness.  He of course has a natural partnership with the local living legend of peace Erica Ford.

For example the local news website DNAinfo, quotes Simmon as making the following statements "make choices on your own that are good for you... You are who you hang with.  Find people who are going where you want to go."

Erica Ford, also believes in meditation and handling disagreements with peaceful means.  Erica is consistently involved with different thought systems that bring less violence to Southeast Queens neighborhoods.  Her tireless efforts on the issue of stemming violence in Southeast Queens is well documented.  You can read about her organization by clicking here

You wouldn't know it by the major media but crime in Southeast Queens, is at such record lows that the local police department purportedly is incredulous at the deep drop in violent crime and murder.  South Jamaica, once known for a lot of murders and violence, went over 565 days without a murder. 

Reportedly robberies are up a bit but murder way down.  They say this is the lowest level in violent crime in our area since they've been recording these statistics. You can read more about the reduction in crime by clicking here

Russell Simmons meditates during an event in South Jamaica. Courtesy DNA Info

While the police department is taking much of the credit for the nadir in crime with innovative anti-crime policies, we're sure Erica Ford's programs and initiatives along with other social programs are also responsible for the decrease in violence in the area as well.  There is more than enough credit to go around when the area is being successful in lowering crime.

Well known rapper DMX, also had some insightful comments for the young people according to DNA info...

..."stay in school, don’t do drugs, don’t get in gangs... Nothing is impossible... You are at the age right now when you can accomplish anything you want, as long as you put your mind to it."

We applaud the efforts of Russell Simmons, DMX, Erica Ford, and others in the area to teach peaceful ways to handle disputes and the benefits of inner peace. The neighborhood is more enhanced due to their efforts with young people.

For More Info visit the DNAinfo Website: Click here

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