Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Book, "From Fat, Black... to Beautiful Powerful Love"

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Author Barbara Pamplin and her bookcover
Barbara Pamplin died 3 times as a result of heart disease and is sharing her experience to raise awareness about the effects of racism on Black women's health and mental well-being.

Seattle, WA -- According to the American Heart Association, 50,000 Black women die from heart disease every year. Barbara Pamplin was nearly one of them. In the fall of 2017, Pamplin survived an aortic dissection (which is 99% fatal), 3 open heart surgeries, and 3 deaths and resuscitations. But the road that led her to the operating room, and nearly the morgue, was paved with inter-generational trauma she personally experienced from the effects of slavery and racial stereotypes.

Instead of just surviving, Mrs. Pamplin decided to use her experience to help others through inspiration, storytelling, and education. As part of that process, she has written a memoir and self-help book, From Fat, Black, and Unlovable to Beautiful Powerful Love, now available on Amazon.

In this work, Mrs. Pamplin writes about her experience, and documents the many behaviors and toxic beliefs that formed in her youth and persisted throughout her life. The story is as remarkable and unique as it is familiar to most Black women.

"When I talk to Black women about this book, they react with gasps, shudders, and goosebumps. They immediately recognize it, as though I've spoken what's in their minds.

Our core self-beliefs can be toxic and so detrimental. Changing beliefs takes hard work but it's worth it," said Pamplin/

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In this book, Mrs. Pamplin offers readers transformational practices and tools she calls "The Work," which consists of five core components: Micro Moments, Journal Your Journey, Renew Your Wisdom, Nourish Your Mind, and Celebrate Your Life.

"Last fall, before I even completed the final edit of the book, I worked with friends and community partners to create an event series highlighting the role of movement and artistic expression in people coming together to begin identifying personal toxic beliefs and behaviors that keep Black women unhealthy and dying," she said.

Black women in America are suffering from a health crisis. According to the American Heart Association and the American Diabetes Association, Black women suffer from higher rates of stroke, heart disease, and diabetes than women of other races. While the causes of these diseases are complex, stress reduction and self-care are key for preventing and healing from these conditions. Beautiful. Powerful. Love., the book, events, and tools, provide inspiration to begin identifying the roots of toxic thoughts and behaviors that keep Black women unhealthy, and to heal those roots through joy, beauty, and culture.

Mrs. Pamplin is launching social initiatives with the book release to build dialogue and community around these incredibly complex and critical issues.

After a successful 20+ year career in marketing, including roles at Microsoft, Johnson and Johnson, and the YMCA of Greater Seattle; Mrs. Pamplin can relate to Black women's experience in corporate America.

"I have done the corporate thing, so I understand how racial stereotypes in the workplace impact Black women's mental and physical health. I have also seen how institutional racism can and does play out in corporate environments; and equally as important, how white women can be allies but often don't choose to," Mrs. Pamplin stated. "There is a large, critical and urgent opportunity for companies to move past soft discussions on diversity and inclusion and start having real conversations about the latent racial and gender biases that are destroying their ability to understand and develop their Black talent."

Mrs. Pamplin is launching a corporate speaking initiative with the launch of the book to help companies understand how to truly engage and support their diverse workforce.

With an acute condition that is 99% fatal, Barbara credits her much of her survival to the doctors, nurses and administrative staff at Overlake Hospital. The specifics of the care she received has been documented through the healthcare facility. But through the book and her community outreach, Mrs. Pamplin has learned that the compassionate approach the healthcare team took was also instrumental in her surviving, and ultimately thriving.

Mrs. Pamplin is launching a healthcare speaking initiative with the launch of the book to help other healthcare professionals learn from the care and treatment she personally received.

For more information on the book and Barbara Pamplin's related initiatives, visit www.BeautifulPowerfulLove.com and www.BarbaraPamplin.com. Press kit available HERE.

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