Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Book, From the Cotton Fields to Becoming a Millionaire

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 Nationwide  -- The Road from Money, The Journey to Find Why by Sylvester Boyd Jr.  is based on true stories told to him by several family members raised in Money, Mississippi from 1925 to 1937.

He has woven both fact and fiction into a dynamic portrayal of historical events of the era; including music, inventions and the journey of a young Negro girl and her family living under the trying times of Jim Crow in the South.  

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In the story, Estella, the main character, arrives in Chicago, during the Great Migration north for millions of African Americans. She leaves behind the Jim Crow South and the cotton fields of Money, Mississippi; to the promise of a better life in the north. Seeing the vast difference between a big city and a small rural town, with her family’s help she settles in to find new friends, romance and employment during World War II. She soon realizes that racism is not just in the south, it exists everywhere.

Like thousands before her migrating north, her strength of character and perseverance paves the way for her success and enduring spirit. Set in the backdrop of Chicago's Bronzeville community, the Harlem of Chicago, during the years of 1937 through 1955; the reader will feel the beat of the city’s night clubs on South Park Avenue, the sound of church choirs, the dangers of a big city, and the emotions of a nation at war.

Estella experiences the coming of the television age and the beginning of the civil rights movement. She finds love, discrimination and opportunities. They live and work together to overcome the obstacles placed before them.

About the Author:
Sylvester Boyd Jr. is a native of Chicago, Illinois. He received an Associate in Arts Degree/Kennedy King College, and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Chicago State University in geography, with a minor in history. During the 70's, he worked for American Airlines as an airline employee. For over 20 years, he owned/operated an advertising business. Being semi-retired, he worked as a substitute teacher for Chicago Public Schools and currently enjoys working as a background actor in a variety of movies and TV series, such as The Dilemma, Transformers 3, Batman, Empire, Chicago PD, Shameless, Chicago Med, and Chicago Fire. In addition, he is also a world traveler and motivational speaker.

In 2014, he published his first novel, and both Book 1 and 2 in the trilogy have received 5-star Awards. The second book in The Road from Money trilogy was released in November 2017. The story continues in Chicago's Bronzville community from 1937 to 1955. Part 3 should be released in March 2019.

Here's what people are saying about the book:

"As I read this book, I honestly felt like somebody else was turning the pages for me; it was like the book had leaped out of itself and compelled me to turn them, and this was an incredible, almost intoxicating feeling. Never before have I been so addicted to a story, but the fact that the premise of this book is so unique and exceptional meant that I was just that... addicted." -- Aimee Ann, The Read Headed Book Lovers Blog

"I enjoyed reading The Road from Money, The Journey Continues by Sylvester Boyd Jr. because it truly brings Chicago of several decades ago to life. Not only that, it also provides a raw, vivid look at the realities of segregation and racism that were ingrained at the time. This is a great story and a thoughtful perspective of what it meant to be African American in those times. I highly recommend this book." -- Gisela Dixon, Five Star Book Review

"What I enjoyed most was the connectivity I experienced. I felt as though I were Estella's shadow throughout the entire book. The author was clever in the manner in which he unweaves a portion of America's painful past. The reality of our past was presented in such a manner that others understand the struggles of what life was like for African Americans then and is still like now. I recommend this book because the story captivated my attention from the first sentence." -- Dr. Margaret Brown, Chicago Writers Book Review

For pricing and/or to get an autographed copy, visit www.boydbooks.net or email the author to schedule a presentation at sylvesterboyd@ymail.com. Also, you can follow him on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/sylvester-boyd-53902986/

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