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Shop for Community Success - Presenting The Southeast Queens Business Expo

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After attending the Jamaica is... Evolving, event on 5-8-2017, my question is how is it evolving and to whom's benefit. It was also apparent to me many Greater Jamaica, or Southeast Queens residents are worried about the number of residents being employed and given business contracts with all the development going on in Jamaica Center.  A number of residents attending the meeting expressing concerns about being pushed out of the community.

Another concern was that economic opportunities were not being given to people in residential areas around Jamaica Avenue like St. Albans, Hollis, South Jamaica, etc.  One speaker quoted that 150 million dollars has been invested so far into revitalizing Jamaica Center.  But how much of this investment has been invested with neighborhood residents?

In my honest opinion I think we have some very nice committed people working to create an epicenter of arts and culture around Jamaica Avenue, or as the area is being renamed "Downtown Jamaica."  That's great.  But economic revitalization is barely a sidebar issue when it comes to enhancing business Main Streets in residential areas like Farmers Blvd, Merrick Blvd, and Linden Blvd.  I don't think these places are even or the radar screen of the developers involved in Jamaica's revitalization now.

Moreover, as a business consultant and one working every day with small businesses in residential areas in Southeast Queens, I don't see the same passion and concern to help revitalize the business districts or main streets in places like South Jamaica, Cambria Heights, Springfield Gardens, St. Albans, Queens Village and other areas.

If the residential area's business strips and avenues surrounding Jamaica Center are to get any development it is obviously going to be up to us as residents to do the heavy lifting and investment.  We'll have to invest with our disposable income dollars and shop local.  No one is going to help us build a vibrant economic sector in our communities but us!  

In order to help with economic empowerment and business development in the area the Southeast Queens Scoop, is working towards promoting area entrepreneurs by spearheading a Southeast Queens Business Expo.  This year's theme is "Shop for Community Success!"  The goal is to build rapport and support between striving businesses and residents in Southeast Queens.

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It is nice to see the business sections in the residential areas of Southeast Queens, are progressively taking the initiative to upscale and upgrade themselves.  Of course Major developers are going to revamp the major commercial hub sector of Jamaica Ave. Nevertheless, it is vital that people in our residential areas of Southeast Queens are proactively investing in their own neighborhood's community businesses for economic development.

We need to either start businesses or support them in the area -  This will build ownership of the business sectors in our community and share in the economic development in the area along with major corporations and national chains.

A vibrant business section in the residential areas of Southeast Queens will also tend to increase property values of the real estate and offer community owned services and increase wealth in the neighborhood.  It will also create local jobs for residents.

Some of our neighborhood entrepreneurs are virtual companies, home based businesses, or startups that are bootstrapping and don't have the capital yet to open shop in an expensive office or retail shop.  So the Southeast Queens Business Expo, will work to create knowledge and familiarity between local residents and business owners who live and work in the area.

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By Kamau Austin, Publisher the Southeast Queens Scoop

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